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Once the doors open at rehab, the patient is free to begin a new life without drugs and/or alcohol. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The fact is leaving rehab can be a very scary experience. The safety net is removed and the patient has to walk the tightrope of life on their own.


Not So Alone

Of course, the journey of sobriety doesn’t have to be a solitary adventure. There are plenty of people out there who can partake in the journey with any recovery addict they know. For the person trying to stay sober, significant changes will have to take place.

There are old habits and familiar faces from the drug crowd that need to be replaced. It’s not an easy task to make such changes while trying to get back to living a normal life. However, it’s a step that is absolutely necessary in recovery.


How to Build New Social Groups

The people in one’s life are a big part of who that person is at any given point in time. As a person who no longer abuses substances, the new emphasis on social interactions needs to be focused on maintaining sobriety. It’s too dangerous to hang with people who drink often or use any type of drugs at all. In fact, it’s a good idea for the person in recovery to seek out friends with which they can share common experiences and goals.

That doesn’t necessarily mean one’s total social life needs to revolve around other recovery addicts. It simply means the person should focus on being around decent people who chose to travel the road to the right, not the road to self-destruction.


Social Resources in Recovery

Aside from family and friends, there are two great social resources for a person in recovery. During the early days back on the street, a sober living environment is a great place to slowly integrate back into society with a little help from the other residents. It’s not uncommon for residents to one day become great friends.

The other great gathering place for people in recovery would be a 12-Step meeting. It might seem a little cliche, but there’s still nothing more beautiful than one recovering addict taking the time to help another recovering addict stay safe and clean from substance abuse.