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Dan Markel

Addiction Recovery and Treatment Blog

Dan Markel is a highly experienced investor, advisor and entrepreneur who founded MyLife Recovery Centers.

MyLife Recovery Centers is the leader and pioneer in addiction recovery and the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Dan is also building various other treatment outlets for people who suffer from addiction.

As founder and managing member of MyLife Recovery Centers, Dan successfully funded a PIPE for a revolutionary medical procedure offered by BiocorRx (BICX), the developer of the Start Fresh Program. Unlike most conventional treatment centers, MyLife recognizes the medical/pharmacological aspect of recovery as a key component of success. They have integrated the long-lasting Naltrexone implant into their holistic approach to treatment.

Beyond the field of addiction treatment, Daniel “Dan” Markel has been a Managing Member/General Partner of over 30 Private Placements offered through his firm, DT Securities, Ltd. Over the past 20+ years Dan has placed a total of nearly $200,000,000 of private and institutional debt and equity.

Dan is highly experienced in real estate via the DT Group and their private real estate offerings throughout the country with both institutional and accredited investors. He also founded and managed the real estate brokerage firm, DT Real Estate Investments in Studio City, California from 2004 to 2008. Prior to founding DT Group, Markel was a senior financial advisor with Morgan Stanley.

Dan received his Bachelor’s Degree with honors from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he was an adjunct professor in investing, financial planning and entrepreneurship. He earned a Master’s Degree from New York University and is half way thru earning his Executive MBA from University of Southern California. He resides in Toluca Lake, California with his wife Kathleen and their four children Vivian, Jackson, Max and Stella. He is an avid golfer and youth coach for his four children.

On this blog, Daniel “Dan” Markel will share insights and news into addiction treatment, which is more crucial now than ever.